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Spring Vehicle Meet.

This one was formally the Picket Piece Car Show that being flushed with several years of re-scheduling due to mud, it has been pushed to another venue, the old Greenham Common cruise missile store, Newbury.

This place has been abandoned for 20 or so years now and only the lorry storage bunkers and the concrete hardstandings remain which is where the cars were parked. I can't say concrete is my favourite display arena but at least it deals with the mud!!!

This was a turn up as and when you fancy type of show, although the club did have a pitch; although banging in the club banner stakes was a little hard going, so we gave up.

Some cars, there were some I hadn't seen before which is always great...

Now for eagerly awaited “The car I would like to be run over by” I just can't hide my awe of this one, so chosen by me, for selfish me, it is.....…

Well it is American and in keeping with the venue.