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Shalbourne Manor Car Show.

Six Capris plus Rob’s 1600E arrived at Shalbourne Manor for our annual pilgrimage into Wiltshire to attend what is, for most of us, the last show of the year.

Amazingly, and contrary to the Met Office’s best efforts to discourage us, the weather on the day turned out to be warm with sunny periods – not bad for the end of September!

This year’s show attracted about the same number of cars on display as last year and cars were coming and going all day long. It seems to be a very popular show with Joe Public and later in the afternoon it was absolutely heaving! Maybe they had all heard about the beautiful Manor House gardens, the Hog Roast, the beer tent or perhaps the Champagne and Pimms bar…

There was a great selection of cars – some of them regulars but others not previously seen. There were cars from all eras and from the humble Trabant to a few multi-million pound dream machines.

A bit of unwelcome excitement towards the end of the show was created when some poor devil’s motorcycle fell over and caught fire, creating more smoke and flames than ever before seen at the Hampshire Capri Club’s show barbecue! The flames were soon extinguished, long before the arrival of the Fire Brigade.

A great show once again but all good things must come to an end and towards the end of the afternoon the club banner was folded up and packed away until next year as we all made our happy way home, everyone trying to think back and decide which car we would like to be run over by. No such dilemma for me....(drool....!)