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Spring Vehicle Meet.

This meeting returned to it's usual venue; Wyke Down, Andover. A much preferred venue.

There was the traditional meeting a Down Grange followed by a 09:00 off to Whitchurch to pick up two en route,we then followed the normal cross country route that is supposed to avoid queues, we sat in the queue for about 15 minutes.

Once in we occupied our generous pitch, we had a few spare places due to a couple f our stalwarts having to drop out. The day started out reasonable and soon warmed up to sunburn levels followed by rain reports from home that didn't affect us.

Some cars, there were some I hadn't seen before which is always great...

Now for eagerly awaited “The car I would like to be run over by” I just can't hide my awe of this one, so chosen by me, for selfish me, it is.....…

A skip, sorry a Skoda (I shouldn't take the mick, after all I drive one).