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Shalbourne Car Show.

A very civilised 12.00 noon start to the show which allowed the F1 fans amongst us to watch the Grand Prix beforehand but there was a bit of a struggle through heavy traffic upon arrival in Hungerford as a Food Festival had been organised for the same day!

But once at Shalbourne it was petrol heaven all the way! A new venue had been chosen for this year’s show after a motorcycle fire at last year’s show made the organisers realise it was inaccessible to the Fire Brigade....

This year’s show attracted about the same number of cars on display as last year and cars were coming and going all day long. It seems to be a very popular show with Joe Public and later in the afternoon it was absolutely heaving! Maybe they had all heard about the beautiful Manor House gardens, the Hog Roast, the beer tent or perhaps the Champagne and Pimms bar…

There was a great selection of cars – some of them regulars but others not previously seen. There were cars from all eras and from the humble Trabant to a few multi-million pound dream machines.

Lots of rolling, hilly countryside bordered the show site and there were lots of favourable comments about the superb quality of the grass!

The show’s trademark Hog Roast was present again as were the beer tent and the speciality coffee bus.

Hampshire Capri Club were there in strength – one solitary vehicle(!). The show had been moved out of September and into October this year and those with taxable vehicles who SORN their car from October were subsequently precluded from the show. A shame really as I know everybody enjoyed this show in previous years.

No disappointments as far as vehicles were concerned – there must have been a few hundred there - old Classics, newer Classics, lots of motorcycles and a few unusual ones too.

My choice of car to be run over by may be a bit contentious as I’d like to nominate..... (The Escort Cosworth).... not the sort of car normally seen at this kind of show but a nice taste of cutting edge fast motoring dear to my own heart from over twenty years ago, the age of which I guess makes it qualify for Classic status....?