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Ford Fair.

After many years, I (Olly) plucked up the courage to go to Ford Fair again.

It would appear the most popular Ford car to own is the Focus ST or RS. There were literally tens of thousands of them. Some stands therefore were a bit boring, even more so when 40 Focus ST/RS all the same, electric orange, are lined up beside each other.

A good variety of classic fords present but massively dwarfed by the sheer number of focus's. You'd seen one you'd seen them all. As a result I was ready to leave in under 2 hours. I'd be curious to know what others made of it.

Auto jumble was good with plenty of genuine ford new items as can be expected and I picked up a number of parts and a panel for mine thankfully without paying too much.

Some lovely capris, one of which was absolutely storming round the track, I've no idea what set up he was running, twin pipes but storming it. Very nice.

Car of the show went to a nice XR8 sierra, I had a conversation with the owner and though wow and I thought our parts situation was bad enough, try having to get custom made discs and pads machined up every time you need your brakes replacing.

One day I live in hope that Ford will recognise the colossal heritage market for its vehicles and make limited re runs of parts as BMW have just done.

Sadly no pics as the swathes of focus's made me stop reaching for my phone to take any.