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Heathrow Classic Car Show.

A nice late start for once as this one doesn't get going til 12pm! I was without my capri for this one due to various reasons so went as a 'punter' which was £2 cheaper than entering a car anyway....

The weather was initially cloudy but soon brightened up to some very warm sunshine. We didn't have the usual BBQ but the gazebo and refreshments were soon up and running. As a club we've been going for many years to this but this was the first time I had been. Small show but highly recommended!

Mid way through the day the peace and quiet was ruined by some chavs in a blue soft top parked directly opposite us thinking it was a cruise. This resulted in lots and lots of low sub deafening most of the ground. Ian went over to have a quiet word and the noise promptly stopped. He has subsequently been promoted to head of security!

Some lovely cars there, particularly the several Stangs, MK1 Astra (where do you see these nowadays?).

A small sample of the cars on show.