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Popham Airfield Car Show.

This is the first show of the season this year given that Picket Piece lost it’s venue, but…. forgive me if I’ve made a mistake but this was a bank holiday Monday wasn’t it? I second think myself because it was sunny!! Amazing.

Most people left Down Grange at about 08:45, I say most because there is always a straggler…. Graeme, doh.

The organisers got a little upset when people didn’t park where they should, not a sup prise when they only had about 7 clubs listed and no areas set aside.

The arena was full of all sorts of vehicles, vintage, modern, busses etc…

It remained sunny most of the day, although not too warm but ok.

There were lots of planes flying in and out and around all day which was very interesting to watch.

Because I’m writing this I get to choose the car “I’d most like to get run over by” and on this occasion it goes to………….

Wait for it…………….

Did you ever see the film Jeepers Creepers….. well here the beastie’s van.