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Uxbridge Classic Car Show

A not too shabby 8am meet up in Wokingham for the off. We joined Olly in perfect sync at Langley on the M4 on our way up.

A large pitch and only 6 cars meant we could be daring and try and park in a perfect circle. Confusion reigned as about 2 people were aware of this plan and it took a while to get the message across! The sun was shining so the enthusiasm was overflowing with Olly rigging both banner and flags. That said the wind was gusting, a nearby gazebo took off and managed to get stopped before it did any more damage to adjacent cars.

A nice mix of cars here as always, even a couple of vinyl roofed granada's to keep our tasteless elderly member entertained, though unsurprisingly no-one really was looking at those... [Editor's note - Wrong again Olly!!]

It was nice to see more than one Opel manta and it took me back to my capri vs manta boy racer years so I've included the photo.

I've included the photo and the car I'd like to be run over by for this show has to go to the stunning mustang mach 3 which was a credit to its owner.

The way home was eventful with a BMW catching fire at the beginning of the M40 with the queue being just short enough that we got on the motorway and THEN saw it, so that was complete stop no1 followed by an overturned horse box just after the M25 closing it completely, extra hour delay to get home, but all in all a great day had by all.