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Basingstoke Festival of Transport.

Here we are again, only a week has passed since the Popham show where we feared rain and wore coats... but now 26 Deg C and sunny, perfect.

For us locals it was a nice lay-in followed by an 08:30 start from down grange where using local knowledge we drove a different way to a much shortened queue to get into the venue to set up camp, Sharon wasn't at this show so nor was the gazebo... on the hottest day so far, please come back to us Sharon.

As usual there were an enormous amount of stuff to see, as well as loads of side shows and traders for all there were these.. not ranked I might say.

I can easily choose which of these I prefer.... the MK1

This one is especially for Ray

Because I'm writing this I selfishly get to chose the car "that I'd most like to be run over by" and with little surprises it it this one.. originality is the key.

A big thank you goes to the PA bore for the dogged slating of pre 16:00 car movement, do you really think the public were going to magically vanish at four o'clock?... come on! Plan around car movement, you have two fields full of cars after all.