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Deers Hut Classic Car Show.

A very sociable 9.45am rendezvous at St Crispins school in Wokingham for the Berkshire division of the Hants Capri club. We then made our way across to Maidenhead to meet up with Andy and the dart down the M4.

Not a bad turn out too, Alan M, Dave, Phil, Neil in his freshly painted white 2.8, Andy and Olly. We were also joined by Jayne later on.

You can't help but notice the bowling green quality of the lawn at the Concorde club as you drive onto it each year. Bet they love us, leaching oil into it and tearing the turf up!

A big plus this year, no chav stereos. Obviously our head of security Neil's words went down after last year.

That didn't stop the PA though!

Anyway, to the cars with some highly practical American cars as they seem to feature lots in these write ups.

I have included a Granada for the deranged amongst our membership, I'm Not sure the owner of the Granada coupe got the idea regarding facing the same way as everyone else and clearly just wanted to be different. But then it's a Granada with a vinyl roof so maybe it's turned around facing the wall in shame!

Car 'I'd like to be most run over by' has to go to the yellow Morris "2000" with its 16v Vauxhall engine on bike carbs. Whilst there were some extremely nice rare cars, this wins due to its bonkers nature. Bet the back end is tail happy! Not sure what the front end is from - answers on a postcard please.