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Newbury Classic Car Show.

A bright August Sunday morning in Newbury so off we go to the annual Newbury Classic Car show in aid of Bloodwise (New name for Leukemia Research).

We must have been keen as we were first with PEL at Newbury's Burger King car park meeting point followed hot on our heels by Jeff and Brian. Andy, Clive and Tony had travelled the pretty way to Newbury and arrived a short while later. Graeme had decided to join us later once the show had got started.

Today I witnessed history being made - Mk3s outnumbered by Mk1s - who'd have thought it?!

09.15am and onwards to the show - just a short trip up the road and we sailed straight in, got settled amongst all the other individual entrants then off to sample the wonders of the show, starting with a cuppa from the refreshments tent, enjoyed whilst listening to the delights of the Beatles White Album on the public address system.

To be honest and despite the weatherman's warnings of an impending heatwave it was slightly on the chilly side until later in the afternoon when the sun finally got his hat on and warmed things up for us. No Jim with us so no BBQ of course but the show must-have for me of do-nuts was satisfied so I went home happy!

Another successful show - I was told there were 800 vehicles on display - not bad considering that the show had competition from the nearby Retro Festival for the second year running. Something for everyone and a good time had by all.

I doubt that the Ferrari 250GTO was genuine - after all it had no security guards surrounding it!

The amazing aero-engined maroon race car was a 1905 Fiat Isotto Fraschini and the one that ploughed up the sports field at Shalbourne last year(!) 16.5 litre straight six, 250 bhp and an amazing 820 lb/ft of torque. Its black partner was a 1917 American LeFrance Speeder with only 14.5 litres but supercharged. Both capable of 120mph century ago! (Apparently they could potentially go faster but for the limiting factor of the chain-driven final drive - don't want one of those breaking at high speed!!)

The black Capri was a very nice Turbo Technics example on 15" seven spokes and the dark green Mustang fastback looks like it's just about to pounce on a small child!

Confession time - I like Pug 205 GTis - the blue example was a very nice one.

Minor convertible with a 2 litre Ford Zetec engine - hmm!

The picture of the white car V903 XAG was a mystery car to me but I was subsequently told it was a Nissan Silvia. Screw your eyes up and you can imagine it could be the Mk4 Capri..maybe..! The car I'd like to be run over by!