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Popham Aero Day.

6.30am - not a great time to fall out of bed on a Sunday, combined with a poor weather forecast meant that this year's Popham show was not a thrilling proposition, especially with the experience of Newbury's disastrous Spring Vehicle Meet in recent memory, courtesy of Hurricane Katie

However as this effectively made Popham the first show of the year it was an exciting prospect and we decided to ignore the foreboding of the weather gods!

Usual meeting place, Down Grange in Basingstoke saw a collection of eight Capris setting off in convoy at 08.45 down the A30 and A303, destination Popham. A bit embarrassing to be overtaken end route by this Messerscmitt micro car - boy racer!!!.

Arriving at the show we immediately discovered chaos - the person responsible for organising the parking and club stands was absent through illness - "Just find a spot big enough and claim it as your own", we were told. Fair enough - that's exactly what we did!

The weather was holding out and there were already many exhibitors making themselves at home for the day, with more arriving by the minute. Before too long we were joined by Jeff, Graeme and Olly at our club stand.

And so to the show.....

As usual there were all kinds of everything to feast the eyes on - commercials, vintage, veteran, modern classics, Americans, hot rods, motorbikes - plus a range of traders and food/drink suppliers. Not to mention aircraft and all their attendant paraphernalia.

The rain held off until we all left mid afternoon - just! And although breezy and slightly chilly a good time was had by all - here's to the next one!

Oh - and which car would I like to be run over by? This beautiful, long, low monster would do nicely, thank you!