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Littlewick Car Show.

A leisurely start for this one at a very civilised meet up at 8.30. A good turn out and we even managed a mk1 pre and post facelift in our line up.

Gazebo set up, the tea was on the go.

Being the bank holiday Monday it had rained heavily the day before, this I felt had a impact on the number of punters and cars to start off with, although the livestock and horses were plentiful. When I left at 1pm due to another commitment it was starting to fill up and there were plenty of punters.

I even managed to get a few items from the auto crumble!

Our biggest problem was the copious amounts of sheep crap everywhere. It was absolutely everywhere and fresh too. I would send a note to the organisers that this isn't really acceptable when you want a few hundred people parking their pride and joy in it. Let alone step in it.

I quite like the A40 with the pirate cutlets gearstick and the mystery engine that just had a ? sticker on it.

Plenty of other cars to see

The mk1 transit was nice to see, a winner for the car "that I'd most like to be run over by", But no it goes to the orange (unidentifiable) car in the photos for its ability to be found in a car park and stand out from the crowd-ability. .

Words from Olly