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Popham Aero Day.

Well, what a difference a year makes, last year cold and windy and this year the hottest spring bank holiday on record!

Following 08:30 meeting time for a 09:00 popham rendezvous with the rest of the guys it was set up camp time.

A very good turn out for the club and we may even have recruited an additional member.

The weather made this a record event and were loads of vehicles to look at

The white Fiat below brings back childhood memories as this was our staple transport as kids, and as for the blue truck I have no idea what it is but it is the first one I have seen, but it does look like the front of a British rail diesel train

There's always space for a lancia integrale and a euro sized American!

And which car "which I'd most like to be run over by?" goes to this thug, I could find space in my life for one of these

Words and pictures courtesy of the Editor