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Spring Vehicle Meet.

A thank you first to the organisers of the show who rang me a couple of days before. The weather forecast was not good and in a bit to save the show they had relocated it to a concreted area and put the auto crumble inside a barn.

Please try and make it if we could?....

Suitably guilt tripped, a hard 5 of us braved a rainy start these being Phil, Neil, Olly and then later joined by Clive and Andy.

Naturally the attendance was down but a few gems appeared. A model T, 2 classic capris and RS 3100.
The Citroen with the shed on the back was a interesting oddity!

The auto crumble yielded a few small parts which was handy and we spent most of the time hiding in the barn drinking tea and eating bacon sarnies to warm up!! By lunchtime though it was getting thin so we knocked it on the head early. Hey, we turned up. My car got a wash, winners all round.

[Editor's addition... as Olly forgot]......For the fabled item of "the car I'd most like to be run over by" goes to this lovley.

Words and pictures courtesy of Olly