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Uxbridge Auto Show.

Just a hardy four of us from the Berkshire sub contingent setting off for this one this year. Neil, Phil, myself and John in the anglia van on its first outing in 16 years after restoration.

Weather scorchio! Here we are in the middle of the 2018 heatwave. Boy did we know it. When you look back at some of the conditions we've done car shows in, there is no point in moaning at the weather for this one.

Phil remembered the tea, kettle, water, gazebo and the gas so we were sorted! We forgot the ballast weights though so we improvised pegging it down with four screwdrivers as you do.... Nor did we set fire to the freshly cut grass (miracle!)

3 old wrecks.

A nice mg metro turbo got me reminiscing of a mate who used to own one and the fun we had racing off the lights (did I own up to that? Oh well...)

Along with the Opel mantas, afraid I have a soft spot for these. I helped put a Chevy v8 in one 20 years ago, boy did it go! The bonnet paintwork said a lot afterwards though!

Mk1 Astra and the Saab turbo behind, both lovely rare cars now for me.

Some Japanese cars for the editor...

This mk1 fiesta probably was not to everyone's taste although whoever crafted the Capri power bulge into the bonnet must be congratulated to the skill in their panel beating, it was flawless.

The Anglia sure turned heads and caused a stir. Plenty of offers came in to buy it! It won the car "that I'd most like to be run over by" for me simply because where do you find another?

Words from Olly