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50th Anniversary of the Ford Capri show.

Bit sobering to think we have the 40th and 45th anniversary reports from brooklands on this very website!

Having attempted to get over time passing very fast, it was a very civilised 8.45am start for us all with two meeting points, the second being a layby just off the M25. With 9 cars in our pack (probably the biggest turn out this year save Thornycroft?) would we fit all fit in the lay-by at high speed with time for in-decision?

Looks like we did. Then the next hurdle came, we were super early, just like every other capri owner and the site was adamant in turning us away until doors at 10am. This led to a roundabout chase back and forth over several blocks where several of us followed other capri owners, all of us unsure of what was going on! Sorry to the neighbours of Brooklands, it was pretty loud and a bit polluting with about 100 cars all circling unsure what to do!

In the end, common sense prevailed and we pulled over in an industrial estate, out came the cleaning cloths and the enthusiasm for some to do some last minute polishing!

Gates open, and into the queue we went, apparently there were around 290 cars from all over the country there, which i think i can believe as people came and went all day.

Of interest was the Goblin works Garage capri (of TV fame) with its 5 litre Coyote engine. For sale at a mere £37,500 show price. Don't know if he sold it, but I know the price went up after the show.

Also of interest to me were the 2 V8 Perana capris. The yellow one pictured was particularly tasty and out of all the capris there I think wins the car I’d like to be run over by.

Being a plane geek, I also took a nostalgic look at the classic aircraft as our tickets included the whole site, the BAC1-11 cockpit being a great highlight, how simple everything is compared to fly by wire aircraft! The main difference being you had to do everything!

here were the usual banking photo opportunities and a hill climb session. Thanks to Kris and Calvin from Surrey for organising it. I guess we will be back at the 55th?

Words and pics from Olly