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Popham Aero Day.

Well don't you just love the British wether! two years ago cold and windy, last year the hottest spring bank holiday on record and this year the coldest spring bank holiday on record!

From a good number of potentials we only had six and only four Capris, can't be helped though working and mechanical failures do tend to get in the way of fun.

There were a huge number of cars and stuff plus a little peek of bygone days of camping, doesn't this look idyllic

A few of the variety of stuff on show

Just look at the Austin and yes that pink one is an Edsel

And keeping with tradition, the car car "which I'd most like to be run over by?" goes to these, I know there are two but I couldn't chose.....just think of the hospitalisation required after being run over by both of them.

Words and pictures courtesy of Graeme