Hampshire Capri Club Keeping the legend alive

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We are a friendly informal club that originally catered for Capris alone, however now as time has progressed some of our members have had cars other than Capris so we now like to see all old Fords; so just pop along and have a beer.

Just a bunch of people who enjoy getting together with like minded people to do various things, sometimes involving our cars, sometimes not. Our members are from all age groups and of both sexes.

It doesn't matter who you are. If you like Capri's (or other old Fords), you're in. Don't worry if your car isn't Concours d'Elegance - if you have one; or thinking about getting one, or simply want to come along, you qualify!

We do not charge a subscription of any kind, the only money changing hands is for the cost of tickets for shows or for other services members can provide; and there is a variety.