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Just a few links to some other sites with the same fascination in Old Fords or some good suppliers. There are also some downloadable files to show how things work.


Weather for the weeks ahead
Current rain fall


Lampion - All electrical goodies
Woolies - Car Trim suppliers
AES - Automotive electrical supplier
Bresco - Automotive clips and things
GMS - Fiesta/Capri/Cortina/Escort/Granada spares
Inline Filters - Air, Oil, Fuel Filters for all makes
Speedograph Richfield - Makers of cables (Speedo, clutch etc)
Five star classics - remanufactured stickers and badges


The MOT test rules

How Alternators work

Bosch K Jetronic injection

Adjust power steering racks

Problems seeing you dash clocks at night?

A little guide to identifying bulbs on the car.

A little guide to making your own waxoil.

A little guide to ignition systems.

A little guide to braking systems.

A little guide to Oil specifications.