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Ok, so here's my car "The Beast" 1983 Janspeed 2.8i Turbo.

Bought new by my brother on 1st August 1983 from Norman Reeves Motors Slough.

I remember the day vividly when the salesman drove the car from the compound to the showroom and we watched it coming down the Windsor Road towards us mmm. The first thing my brother said when we got into it was "wow, these seats are a bit firm" (he had a 2.0 Ghia before so was used to something softer) but after a few miles of driving aimlessly they suddenly became very comfortable.

After about a year he decided he wanted it to be different so we checked out all of the options for turbocharging, supercharging and tuning and Janspeed was, and still is, the best looking conversion.

It was now May 1985 and after a test drive in Simon Lee of Janspeed's Sierra XR4i that was it !! I think they had the car for about 2 weeks to do the job but I may be lying (getting old slight brain fade)

Anyway on the night we collected it from Janspeed factory in Salisbury I was driving my XR2 and it was very dark on the M3 with no street lights or speed cameras wink wink........ halfway home we pulled up on the hard shoulder and he asked me if I wanted to drive it, well I dont think I can use those words on here but it was WHAT THE F.......!!!! cant tell you anymore but it was very fast. Following a telephone conversation with Janspeed the next day we were told it would be expected to do 160-165 MPH and would stick with a Ferrari between 80 and 120 MPH......... and maybe it did that night and maybe it would mmm.

It was my brother's daily drive for several years and other than the winter of '83 when it was new it has been garaged every winter since and it has had it's 25 birthday !!

So now we move on several years to April 2003 and my brother owns a BMW convertible and wants to sell The Beast and I had to buy it, just could not bear to see it go, I don't remember how much I paid him for it and don't really care because it did not matter and still doesn't. It is just coming up to 50,000 miles and my heart still misses a beat when I floor the pedal and aim it.

It has not had any restoration or spraying apart from the front spoiler I bent when I had a coming together with a rabbit at ? MPH one morning on the way to work, it was like hitting a wall !!(bent the spoiler and the bumper and the plastic grille under the bumper) and the rabbit was not too well either.

I had a bit of a game finding Good Year NCT's but thanks to Turbo-Mike I found some. When they were fitted I had them all fitted the same way on the wheel, also the wheels have only ever been fitted on the corners of the car that they were on when it was new. Had to have NCT's as that was what it came with and the original spare is still in the boot unused. Yea ! I know sad old git but do I care, Noooo not a chance !! I have to be fairly careful with it now as the Wastegate is allowing it to overboost beyond 7 PSI and that does not have a good outcome, BANG, SMOKE, CLATTER, CLATTER, STOP !!

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