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1st Registered:1st August 1986
Engine:Petrol 2L 'Pinto' SOHC
Gearbox:Manual 5 speed type 9
Wheels:6J by 13 inch four spoke alloy
Tyres:185 70 13
Acquired:29th July 2002
Previous owners:9
Mileage @ March 2008:95078


The steering has been overhauled with a new rack fitted and joints replaced as necessary in an attempt to remove steering wheel vibration; New brake discs, pads and tyres all round have been done but still the vibration is evident.
The anti-roll bar rubbers and and track control arms are next on the list.

The engine has been converted to run on unleaded fuel and a new radiator fitted to keep things cool.

Body Restoration
Having rescued the car from it's prevoius keeper who seemed to use it as extra shelving in his garage I acquired an additional Capri to be used as a doner car for any missing or better parts.

However; as is the norm with old cars I discovered lots of rust in the floorpan, fortunately a mate of mine ran a garage restoring old cars and he took on the work, welding up the holes and finishing the floor in Hammerite paint.

Preparation for respary
I stripped the interior including the dashboard and the windscreen, the external had the lights, doors, spoiler, bumpers etc removed and was shipped off for painting in black 2 pack and was returned in 2 weeks.

Putting everything back together took a bit longer; over 3 months in fact, finally getting it's MOT and on the road 1st April 2006.

Driving it gives me great plaesure and have taken it to many shows, and I have been on holiday to Cornwall and Wales with it.