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My current Capri, 1983 2.8i Caspian Blue over Stratos Silver.

This caspian blue over stratos two tone 2.8i was bought fairly hastily off of ebay in a bid to try and get my hobby back after the theft of my last car the year before. It was a substantial MOT failure, 2 pages long but listing mainly electrical faults, a knackered steering rack, 4 life expired tyres plus a bullet-holed top tint windscreen. It also had been off the road for 8 years. I took a friend along to see how bad it was.... pretty bad! I must admit I did wonder why I was going for it but a deal was struck with the seller when a set of brooklands 15" wheels came into it and it was trailered to my door one morning!

Being an electrician, I wasn't phased by the electrical faults and sorted those out pretty quickly. The car then sat quietly for a couple of years while I quietly and slowly worked away on it as time and money allowed sorting amongst other things a complete brakes and cooling system rebuild/overhall, new rear bumper, windscreen and tailgate and completely rebuilding the front floors, back valance and lower corners due to rot. The intention being to get the car simply roadworthy rather than being a looker like the previous one. I also killed a field mouse that had decided the sunroof lining made for a good winter nest and in doing so ate its way through the sunroof headlining! Thank god that was easily replaceable!

The car has endeared itself to me since getting a completely clean bill of health in 2013 and the current plan is to just simply keep driving her and stay on top of the maintenance. More substantial work could and needs to be done but thats not the intention for now. Mechanically she is in excellent nick and I'm pleased with the results I've achieved with limited funds.

I'll have more information as things progress