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B925 GRB 1984 2.9 injection.

I acquired this Capri 2.8i in Feb 2003 as a half finished project consisting of a completely stripped but painted shell with a freshly rebored engine and new gearbox in situ plus a large crate of parts.

It was roadworthy by April 2007 and then was subsequently pulled apart again in Oct 2010 for the major bodywork to be completed. Photos show the work both during and after restoration. The car is a late 'non-special' and therefore doesn't have an LSD.

The car was stolen shortly after this work was done in Jan 2011 and I would be grateful of knowing its whereabouts and getting my property back. The crime reference number is LF 3745100/11.

I am also after any photos of the car before 1997, I understand the registration is a Derbyshire one and its original colour was blue over stratos silver, however the service history of this car is non existent before 1997 when it was laid up in a barn in Oxfordshire. If you have any pictures or information on the car, I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Work done:

• Original factory fitted 2.8i engine rebored to 2922cc, engine fully rebuilt using new parts throughout.

• Janspeed Stainless steel exhaust fitted.

• Shark grey recaro interior restored and valeted.

• Various engine parts bead blasted, chromed or polished.

• New sills/arches/doors/bonnet/tailgate/strut tops/ rear corners/back valance and a full repaint in stratos silver.

• Side mouldings removed for cleaner lines.

• Complete brake system overhaul, new master cylinder and servo fitted, callipers and cylinders overhauled. Drilled and grooved discs. Set-up was left as standard though.

• Bilstiens/axle/diff/propshaft/power steering fully overhauled.

• Underside blasted and resealed.

Most of this was done on a very limited budget hence the length of time between purchase and the finished article but proves that with patience and time you can restore a car to a good standard, the downside being the car was off the road all that time unable to be enjoyed!!

During the winter of 2008/2009 I had the opportunity to have the car starring in an episode of BBC's Crimewatch.

This was to reconstruct a murder. The special effects crew had a field day making snow which got in every tiny crack and the driver also had a similar time scuffing my rims on the kerb stones, still, the BBC insurance paid for them to be refurbished. Of course there is some irony in the fact that this car has subsequently been stolen!

For the footage from the programme, have a look here

HNO 67Y 1982 2.0 Sport.

HNO was spotted in a very derelict condition while running late for a meeting in Maidenhead in 2003. After the meeting I went back to see the car. It had a small tree growing up in front of it, leaves piled up to the sills, flat tyres and covered in grime.

However in true enthusiast style a week later the car was mine for the princely sum of £0 and a week after that she was running perfectly under her own power having been mechanically overhauled thanks to fellow members Graeme and Alan. About £800’s worth of welding was subsequently done, an unleaded head fitted and the gearbox was converted from automatic to 5 speed manual using a box and clutch from a breakers yard.

This car was then put into the daily hack and completed 42,000 miles in my ownership having suffered only one breakdown during that time when a wheel bearing melted. I sold the car in 2007 to help finance the restoration of B925 GRB, sadly I wish I had had the money at the time to do both as this one had earnt its keep and I understand has now met its fate at the banger track.

A811 SGC 1983 2.0 Sport originally 1.6 LS.

SGC was purchased off a close mate back in the days when these cars were worth a quarter what they are now. Originally an LS, she had been built to the standard you see by a local bodyshop worker a few years earlier. An unleaded 2.0 pinto with an un-known cam was fitted along with a Janspeed exhaust and a lovely shark grey recaro interior and by #### was she quick.

The colour was always a major talking point being Pacific Blue, a beautiful metallic colour used by Vauxhall on Calibras etc. Add this to the Brooklands wheels and she was a beautiful looking car in structurally excellent condition. I joined the Hants CCI around this time and revelled greatly in taking the car to her first car show.

On buying her, she was in need of an MOT, a waterpump and a thermostat housing as it had cracked from the car being driven hard by the said mate! We were young then…

I managed to find easily, overhaul and fit a 3 litre Webber carb to her from the local breakers for about £25, which was a well known easy conversion for some extra ponies, how times have changed now! This car was used as a daily boy racer hack and covered nearly 20,000 miles in the time I owned her, again only suffering one breakdown when the gearbox layshaft went. Too much boy racer abuse! I sold her in 2003 to finance the purchase of B925 GRB, a decision I still regret, if only because she rev’d and went sideways round roundabouts so well!

B23 GCF 1984 1.6 Laser.

GCF, the one that started it all, my very first car. Purchased for the princely sum of £300 with an MOT (!!) Utterly reliable once I learnt how to set the points! This car just did what it was designed to. I was so proud to own it, I treated it to a new stereo and a drivers wing.

Used obviously as a daily hack, I put about 16,000 on the clock. I then brought SGC and the two lived side by side in harmony, SGC being the “toy” and GCF being the daily driver. However, I couldn’t afford to run both at the time so GCF was sold and now I am told is silver, with a 2 litre engine residing in Devon. A brilliant first car.

I have also owned D221 GYK, a 1986 2.0 Laser which was a freebie basket case found in Portsmouth but was broken for spares as it was so rotten. I’ll never forget the day I lent on the C pillar and went through it! It also had a carburettor that was spraying fuel onto the inlet manifold which I didnt know until after opening the bonnet having let it run for 20 mins on the drive!

Good source of parts though as it was completely standard and had only one owner. Id have probably restored it now!