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Brought early in 2003 from a rather rough lock up in Southampton with half done repairs to the nearside front wing and nearside rear wheel arch, quite an interesting tip home with no indicators and the rear end almost on the deck.
The interior electrics were tackled first, then out with the interior and in with a lot of steel on the floor and on the front of both sides.
Some work was required on both rear quarter panels and various exterior fittings.

A very good second hand offside wing was spotted at a show by the other guys which allowed the full re-spray to come forward; which I was quite heavily involved in and which taught me a lot. The resulting paint job was very impressive considering it was done without the use of an oven and as the workshop it was in was so grubby.
To keep with the Black/gold theme I got a set of Ghia alloys from CCI and sent them to be sand blasted and powder coated in gold. The car had 2.8i Special rims when I bought it and these were taken off by Mike

Quite a while before the re-spray, gold detailing was decided on to go with the black as a 'nod' to the JPS models, a 3.0 JPS would be my ideal Capri. A while after deciding on the completed look I came across a full set of gold 'S' decals were offered to me by the Newbury & Thatcham CCI branch; which was great as I wanted to keep the car as an 'S' model.

The car has been on the road since January 2006 and has been completely reliable so far, and good fun.

The only additions have been a Mota Lita dished steering wheel and a set of 'Angle Eyes' driving / side lamps as some roundabouts are as dark as the Black hole of Calcutta with just the standard lights.

Due to the time it was taking to put the Capri on the road my Everyday motor (Peugeot 406 Diesel) was becoming an increasing boring to drive, but now due to my annual mileage not being all that high I was on the look out for an everyday classic; but it had to be another blue oval.

After attending a few shows with the other lads I was being attracted to the MKIII Cortina's as I like most things 70's.

Luckily I found a nice bright red GXL in a local classic car paper and I was almost decided as soon as I saw it in the flesh and money was changing hands as soon as I had had a drive around the streets bear the sellers place.

Not a great deal had to be done to her before she was pressed into service as everyday transport, just a set of chrome door mirrors. The car didn't have any mirrors at the time of buying her; although the doors had been drilled to accept them.
The car ran faultlessly for a month or so and proved to be a surprisingly comfortable cruiser and I was considering taking her on quite long trips. By now though she was in need of a new propshaft as it was starting to groan a bit, I managed to get one made up through my work.
Around the same time I installed a modern CD head unit and speakers but these were the only non period items added. She is currently off the road for a bit of tidying up of the bodywork and trim, but hopefully both my old cars will be on the show circuit before long.